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Welcome to the journey inside yourself. Should you wish to get support with improving your mental health, well-being or quality of life and you are looking for a psychologist, I am looking forward to a possibility of working with you over the Internet (using Skype).

Online psychotherapy sessions are intended primarily for people who have limited access to psychological help in a place where they live, who are not able to travel to psychologist’s office or feel much more secure in their own home to start psychotherapy.

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All Skype-to-Skype voice, video calls and instant messages are encrypted

Anxiety – causes and treatment

October 8th, 2018|Comments Off on Anxiety – causes and treatment

What causes anxiety? After working for over 20 years as a psychotherapist, mainly with people with anxiety (fears), I'm observing a few common aspects of this condition. Lack of basic security [...]

Meditation for psychotherapy

May 30th, 2012|0 Comments

mindfulness Modern psychology seems to come to the point of either accepting the transcendental and mystical nature of human being or making a scientific breakthrough, that demystify all [...]

it is so good, that everyone can live where they want, work where they want and still be in touch with their psychologist, their astrologer, their trainer, etc. etc. I lived abroad and I remember what limitation it was for me these 1000km to get to therapy. what a comfort! to do a therapy and not have to turn your life upside down, you do not have to give up something or sacrifice something, just sit back in your chair! I congratulate the idea :)) and all the best 🙂

G, Patient

Ewa Holt is a wonderful therapist. A woman full of warmth and love. Nice and trustworthy. I entrust my most intimate affairs with no fear. With great delicacy and intuition, she leads through dark life experiences. In her presence, I feel cared for. Thanks to her, I am noticing how beautiful life is. Thank you.

Kasia, Patient

After a long search for a therapist in various methodologies, more famous or less famous, I stumbled upon Ewa rather by an accident. It is impossible to describe how much I owe to her. Today, thanks to her, after many many years I managed to find my way, get rid of some very disturbing elements of my inner self, and control other. I will not say that the therapy is “standard” whatever it means, but I’m deeply convinced that that’s why it was good for me. I could keep on writing… absolute spirituality, warmth and care.

Kasia D., Patient
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