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Ewa Holt – clinical psychologist, psychotherapist

Graduated from the University of Social Psychology in Warsaw (SWPS), has completed Process Oriented Psychology School and Solution Focused Brief Psychotherapy training. Co-founder of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology – Integra in Poland (2003).

She specializes in the treatment of depression, emotional disorders, anxiety and eating disorders.

Conducts individual and group psychotherapy sessions, self-development and educational workshops as well as psychological consultations and psychotherapy through the Internet (online).

She incorporates “Mindfulness” (meditation) as a support to psychotherapy process. Also integrates mainstream cognitive-behavioural, existential and transpersonal psychology with broadly defined spirituality, including healing through breathing techniques and shamanic practices.

  • Impact of meditation on emotional processing – a visual ERP study. Jun 2011. Neuroscience Research.
  • Regulation of Emotions – Is it possible? May 2007. Integra Institute, Poland.
  • Meditation for health and spirit. October 2006. Integra Institute, Poland.
  • All the Lonely People… April 2005. Integra Institute, Poland.
  • Depression. December 2004. Integra Institute, Poland.
  • Rebirthing – What happens during the session. October 2004. Integra Institute, Poland. Wegetariański świat, Warszawa, 2000.
  • Bulimia and anorexia – The embrace of hungry ghosts. June 2004. Integra Institute, Poland.

Ewa Holt
Ewa HoltPsychologist



After a long search for a therapist in various methodologies, more famous or less famous, I stumbled upon Ewa rather by an accident. It is impossible to describe how much I owe to her. Today, thanks to her, after many many years I managed to find my way, get rid of some very disturbing elements of my inner self, and control other. I will not say that the therapy is “standard” whatever it means, but I’m deeply convinced that that’s why it was good for me. I could keep on writing… absolute spirituality, warmth and care.

Kasia D., Patient

Ewa Holt is a wonderful therapist. A woman full of warmth and love. Nice and trustworthy. I entrust my most intimate affairs with no fear. With great delicacy and intuition, she leads through dark life experiences. In her presence, I feel cared for. Thanks to her, I am noticing how beautiful life is. Thank you.

Kasia, Patient

it is so good, that everyone can live where they want, work where they want and still be in touch with their psychologist, their astrologer, their trainer, etc. etc. I lived abroad and I remember what limitation it was for me these 1000km to get to therapy. what a comfort! to do a therapy and not have to turn your life upside down, you do not have to give up something or sacrifice something, just sit back in your chair! I congratulate the idea :)) and all the best 🙂

G., Patient