Psychotherapy Online

Psychological counselling online

Online psychological consultations (psychologist support) may include such topics as:

  • relationship with your partner

  • parenting

  • seeking your own path

  • enhancing self-esteem

  • assertiveness

  • coping with negative emotions

  • personal development

  • exploring own potential

  • eating disorders

Psychological Consultation through the Internet is designed for people experiencing temporary difficulties in life, who are willing to change their behaviour, way of thinking or the difficult situation. They are also intended for those to whom self-realization, knowledge and finding solutions are important aspects of life.

To psychological consultations, I invite those who wish to enrich self-consciousness and know themselves better, in order to live more fulfilling and satisfying life. For some people, this will mean discovering or developing their own talents and skills, to others integrating the shadow or finding their own spiritual path and designing meaning of life.

Online counselling often has an educational aspect in a form of a conversation between a psychologist, that is me, and the client, on the topic that is presently important for you. I share my psychological knowledge in order to help you better understand the mechanisms of the described situation and to find a suitable for your solution.

Ewa Holt
Ewa HoltPsychologist