Each of us goes through the periods of life in which we question what we do, ask ourselves “ is this really how I want my life to look like?”. We wonder what is the meaning of life in general, often become depressed, nobody can give us the answer, and what has seemed to be important has no longer any value. And although those are very difficult periods, and may last even several years if we do not suppress them by drugs, they are periods of our development, transformation and bridges to the next stages of life.
According to existential psychology, you can not find meaning in life but we can create it ourselves. Perhaps there is a general meaning for all of us, but so far no one has managed to find it. Religions explain life in such a way that we can better understand our existence on earth and beyond, but they do not give any explanation to what the meaning of all of this really is and what is the meaning of specifically my life.
We wonder what is our path, what we are doing in life, just who we are and who we would like to be. At such moments, often in spite of many dreams and beautiful visions, we do not really believe that we can change anything, we do not believe that we can live as we want. Our brains inhibit the dreams before they even fully develop, often with the help of other people whose views and limitations do not support us in opening the wings.

The meaning of human life as an individual being, seen from the perspective of broader than social adaptation, deals existential, humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Within these trends, there have been created therapeutic methods to assist us in giving meaning to our lives, in opening up to new experiences and in the entering next stages of life. Working in this area we look for values that are important to us, individual fundaments on which each of us builds one’s actions and on which we base our decisions. We also work on beliefs that somewhere along the way between the values, ideas, and actions can deform them in such a way that the “final product” is just the opposite than we had intended.
People who stood on the border between life and death say they now look at life differently, that since that experience their life has radically changed, what they had thought was important lost the meaning, and completely different things seem important now. During therapy sessions we try to look at life from the perspective of death, imagine how we will perceive our lives when we are at the end of our days. When such awareness of transience and impermanence of things stays with us every day, paradoxically, we will enjoy every moment and appreciate each and every manifestation of life.
During psychological sessions dedicated to finding own path we also work on discovering ones potential, talents, abilities, in order to use this resources and to live as we wish to form our heart. We start with smallest decisions and in this case Solutions Focused Psychology comes in hand with its tools. According to the assumptions of this trend, even the smallest step leads to great changes, and it only depends on our decision to walk in the right direction and doing this first step.