Psychotherapy Online

Psychotherapy online/ psychologist online

Welcome to the journey inside yourself. If you need support in improving your mental health, well-being or quality of life and you are looking for a psychologist, I invite you to try psychotherapy through the Internet (using Skype).

Online psychotherapy sessions are intended primarily for people who have limited access to psychological help in a place where they live, who are not able to travel to psychologist’s office or feel much more secure in their own home to start psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy can be helpful for you if you encounter such difficulties as:

  • anxiety
  • social phobia
  • depression
  • problems in relations
  • eating disorders
  • low self-esteem
  • existential crisis – lack the meaning of life

What you can expect after the psychotherapy:

  • change in the way of thinking (approaching situations) to more positive
  • better dealing with fears (anxiety)
  • being more resourceful
  • strengthening self-esteem
  • better contact with your feelings and needs
  • learning assertive communication
  • improvement of relations
  • more peace with yourself and decrease of negative emotions
  • discovering and developing one’s potential
  • augmenting integration of personality
  • higher self-consciousness
  • accepting and loving yourself more

You can feel the effects if you participate in sessions once a week (during the period from one to six months) depending on the goals. Psychotherapy of anxiety usually takes longer (about one year to year and a half).

All the changes are possible first of all with the right motivation and full engagement in the psychotherapeutic process (doing homework, experimenting in real life with new approaches, ways of thinking and changing behaviours).

During the psychotherapy online session, we will hear each other through the headphones and see each other on monitor’s screens.

Although psychotherapy through Internet may seem strange because of its novelty, after one, two meetings of this kind of contact we become comfortable with it and it becomes possible to use online psychotherapy as an equally effective way of treatment as face to face meetings. My clients report that they observe the same progress in psychotherapy through the Internet as in personal meetings (see “effectiveness of psychotherapy online”). The most important factor, as in the case of any psychotherapy, is creating a relationship between client and therapist (according to the research it is the relationship that is curing factor, not psychological trends). Through the Internet, it is also possible.

If this form of the meeting will be easier and more convenient or you than personal meetings I invite you to read about the psychotherapy and the instructions on how to sign up for psychotherapy online.
Psychotherapy or psychological consultations online (via the Internet) starting from 3 simple steps:

  1. Let me know that you would like to start the therapy by filling the form on “Booking a Session” page. Then I will contact you and we will set up the exact date and time.
  2. Make an online payment through PayPal on the “Payment” page.
  3. Join the session on the agreed day and time through Skype.

During sessions, I am inspired by humanistic psychology. This stream emphasizes the authenticity of the therapist, their empathy and genuine acceptance of client feelings, thoughts and actions. According to humanistic psychology, it is important to reveal the real and individual Self that is possible through an authentic relationship with a therapist and their unconditional acceptance. I will be a support for you in finding solutions for maintaining a conscious, joyful and meaningful life.

During therapeutic processes, we will focus on rebuilding positive aspects of your personality and strengthening your real Self by developing your potentials (resources) so you can follow your path making conscious decisions without prolonged therapeutic help.

If you’re in a difficult time of your life and you need a support, we will seek for a broader perspective of perception, wisdom and understanding that will help you in overcoming difficulties.

Ewa Holt
Ewa HoltPsychologist


it is so good, that everyone can live where they want, work where they want and still be in touch with their psychologist, their astrologer, their trainer, etc. etc. I lived abroad and I remember what limitation it was for me these 1000km to get to therapy. what a comfort! to do a therapy and not have to turn your life upside down, you do not have to give up something or sacrifice something, just sit back in your chair! I congratulate the idea :)) and all the best 🙂

G, Patient

Ewa Holt is a wonderful therapist. A woman full of warmth and love. Nice and trustworthy. I entrust my most intimate affairs with no fear. With great delicacy and intuition, she leads through dark life experiences. In her presence, I feel cared for. Thanks to her, I am noticing how beautiful life is. Thank you.

Kasia, Patient

After a long search for a therapist in various methodologies, more famous or less famous, I stumbled upon Ewa rather by an accident. It is impossible to describe how much I owe to her. Today, thanks to her, after many many years I managed to find my way, get rid of some very disturbing elements of my inner self, and control other. I will not say that the therapy is “standard” whatever it means, but I’m deeply convinced that that’s why it was good for me. I could keep on writing… absolute spirituality, warmth and care.

Kasia D., Patient