Wellness and healing retreat in Azores (Sao Miguel island)

Sweat Lodge (Temascal), kambo, meditation, shamanism, psychology, body detox

vegan, organic food

28 June to 5 July (7 days)

900 Euros


In the middle of Atlantic ocean, away from civilization and tourism. Only you and nature.
This little village itself is an incredible, unique place, quiet and peaceful valley, at the very end of the island. Perfect place for retreat, taking a genuine rest from everyday life, restructure you concepts of life, heal what needs to be healed and transformed. So you can grow and spread your wings. A place to reconnect with nature, also your own, feel the healing energies of plants and the elements.
We believe that here the energies are so powerful that thought materializes and that wishes come true. Maybe it is the water element, maybe the old Atlantis… who knows. Maybe you will discover what are those magical forces present here.
The village is surrounded by mountains and many trekking trails. Everyday we will move to keep the energy going. We will go to the waterfall to take rejuvenating bath and meditate. We will follow other breathtaking trails with stunning views on the ocean. On the third day we make a trip to natural hot springs with healing waters.


Every morning will go to the ocean (5  minutes from the house) to meditate. In this stunning shore you will be only in wild nature, with the ocean, mountains, plants, and rocks.

Meditation will be guided by me and will help you to release stress of everyday life. The purpose of this meditation is harmonizing, balancing and calming the mind. You will experience deep relaxation of body and mind. You will feel grounded and connected to the earth and all the elements, so powerful in the Azores (Water, Earth, Wind and Fire…)


We’re happy to share with you our knowledge of shamanic cleansing rituals and sacred healing practices. You will learn about aromatherapeutic properties of some plants. We will ask your power animal to show itself and pass a message to you. We will make magical, protective pouches with herbs.

Feast of the glowing stones (Sweat Lodge)

In this ceremony, the medicine people (shamans) instructed me: Leonard Crow Dog (Lakota), Devalon Small Legs (Blackfoot) and Bruce Starlight (Tsuut`ina). In deference to these teachers. They have traditional, handed down, spiritual knowledge, even gratitude for their trust, I hold myself exactly in their teachings and enlightenments. During the ceremony, we cleanse the body and mind. We come into contact with the spiritual world. Enveloped by hot steam and the heat of the glowing stones, let us turn with prayers and songs to the spirits of the circle of life, to the Great Mystery, to Mother Earth. So we can be in harmony with the past, with the ancestors, with all the nature beings and finally advised with us, ourselves. In the form of their self-purification very intense energies occur.

Shamanic concept of pathfinding into spiritual wholeness.

In search of individual reorientation in everyday life – in the true sense and real human values – can gain knowledge and understanding the concept of cosmic wholeness, the return to nature as an expression of a spiritual world, be essential help.

The aim of the offered seminars is to provide the holistic world view of the Connectedness of all living beings with each other, the relationship between humans and animals and the soulfulness of nature, to recognize and internalize. It should be the Necessity of preserving the balance in nature, in the entire cosmos and the spiritual world.

Above all, one can learn about the essential tasks of the shamanic Receive healing work and its true meaning. This becomes theoretical Gives knowledge, which is linked with practical exercise. Acquisition of techniques of access to the spiritual world. Exposing and awakening of inner potentials. Obtaining higher levels of your own consciousness. The healing of body, mind and soul.

Trekking and hot springs

We will do trekking to the beautiful waterfall Salto do Prego, walk through a jungle like, subtropical azorean forest (but without dangerous animals). Here is the most endemic part of the island with beautiful mountains covered by forests. We will take a rejuvenating bath and meditate with the sound of the waterfall.

We will also take cleansing baths in hot springs, where you can really get in touch with the energy of Earth, Fire within Her heart, and recharge your spirit. These hot springs have healing properties not only for skin and bones but psyche as well.

REBIRTHING  (holotropic breathing) – integration and healing through breath

Breathing techniques releasing blocking emotions, healing traumas and opening up to higher states of consciousness. Specific breathing has been practiced by yogis for many centuries as a natural “high”, purification and way to enlightenment.

During the session we can have visions from collective unconsciousness that resonate with us and see what needs to be healed in ourselves. By changing the scripts the rule our life we heal as well the global unconsciousness of humanity.

After the session you will feel more one with the whole existence. In this way you can open up to full experience of the beauty and peace of Azorean lush nature.


Kambo is a substance that comes from frog secretion, and for many indigenous cultures in the Amazon, this purgative, immunity-boosting medicine is very important. Known in Portuguese as the “vaccine of the forest,” it has also gained renown outside of the Amazon as a powerful treatment for chronic pain and drug dependence.

Kambo, or Sapo, Campu, Vacino de Floresta, is a discharge of the Amazonian frog “Phyllomedusa Bicolor”, once used by most tribes of rainforests in South America to improve health and endurance it was also used as a medical treatment. However, Kambo’s healing properties aren’t only based on tribal beliefs. After three decades of intense scientific research, the secretion was well understood by the world of science, and its composition contributed to the creation of many drugs used in conventional medicine. The pioneer of this research is Vittorio Erspamer, a chemist and pharmacologist twice nominated for the Nobel Prize.



Customized massage to each person specific needs for that time in space. It can be a deep tissue massage, can be a genteel one, a realign of the spine, a Chakra balancing or a Kundalini awakening massage, or a mixture that also includes Yumeiho, Reflexology, Chiropractis, Thai and Shiatsu techniques.



For people experiencing temporary difficulties, who have existential crisis, or who feel the need of changing something in their life (their behaviour, way of thinking or the situation). They are also intended for those to whom self-realization, self development and being more conscious are important aspects of life.
I will help you see the situation more clearly and facilitate to find solutions in order to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

Typical Daily Schedule:

8:00am – Cleansing, super healthy glass of fresh, local and organic fruit cocktail

8:30am –  Morning meditation at the ocean

9:30am – Showers and healthy breakfast

11am – Classes on shamanic healing, medicinal plants / Trekking

1pm – Delicious vegan lunch

2pm – Free Time

3pm – Workshop

5pm – Evening activity (visualizations, shamanic journey, …)

7pm – Super-charged dinner

8pm – Satsang (fire ceremony, healing chants, rebirthing, trance dance, …)

RESIDENTIAL 900 Euros, 400 Euros downpayment – secure your place
ONLY SWEAT LODGE CEREMONY 80 Euros, secure your place

Your facilitators


I am a psychologist and psychotherapist, mindfulness practitioner and teacher. I have been giving workshops on meditation, psychology, self-development and organizing retreats for over 20 years in Poland, USA and Portugal. Learned meditation in India from different teachers and schools during many and long-term stays. I have also studied shamanic ways of healing from indigenous American tribes in Mexico. In my believes we need to integrate western psychotherapy with spiritual practices of native tribes in order to really heal our souls (transpersonal psychology). And what heals is reconnection with nature and each other.


My first sweat lodge was a birthday present. It turned out to be a rebirthing present. Finally I was home. Many fires followed, on different places. A horse drum came to me. Another big honour. I started practising trance travel. I love connecting myself and others with the animal spirits and ancestors. I believe in truth medicine, silence and the vibrating beauty of nature. Great healers. We just have to remember that we’re all related. We’re all nature. That’s why I also participate regularly in magnificent constellations. I’m looking forward to share with you what wants to be shared. Just by being my high sensitive self, with my experiences on the red road and all my respect for native knowledge. Anyway, I will make you marvelous sunny smoothies in the morning. 🙂


On the maternal side, I belong to the Roma people. I was five years old, bringing me visions into contact with the spiritual world.
During my art education studies, an Indian yoga teacher taught me in spiritual thinking and acting. While traveling through America, I met several medicine people. They became important teachers for me. I received initiations from them. They allow me to perform Sweat Lodges and vision quests. I’m doing shamanic healing rituals. Use my big frame drum I do it as a tool. Their vibrations and resonances can penetrate deeply into soul areas. So fears and blockages are solved. Experiences by spiritual teachers of Roma culture,
let me find out, about my own authenticity, my spiritual work. Encounters and experiences in India, the country of origin of my ancestors, rooted me deeply in new spiritual dimensions.


By profession I am a psychotherapist specializing in addiction treatment. During my development path I came across Amazon’s medicine. Today, like Ewa, I believe that in order to achieve harmony in life and free ourselves from harmful substances, people and environment, it is necessary to heal, not only the body and psyche but also the spirit. In my practice, I combine modern learning with traditional methods used for centuries by humanity across our wonderful planet. I’m a kambo practitioner, so-called kambozeiro. I have been trained by amazing teachers in Poland, additionally I have a stay in Peru with the healers from the Shipibo tribe, where I had a chance to observe the practice in its primal setting.


I’m a P. E. teacher, artistics gymnastics coach and massage therapist. I put in my work a lot of love and the experience of over 20 years of doing massages. I have started very young with Inforenergetics and Usui Reiki classes. Latter on I have received initiations in All love, Munaiki, Kundalini awakening, Wheel of medicine and I have done and still doing a lot of reading and researching by myself.


Magical, rustic stone house, over 100 years old with an ocean view, 5 min for Atlantic. Is has a specific atmosphere but it is a country house not for people who are used to 5 stars hotels. We have cats, and a dog that we save from the street, so it is a place for people who like animals and nature. Incredible surroundings, lush nature, ocean nearby, mountains with breathtaking trails.

There are 4 rooms with double beds or for two persons so it is the best if you come with a friend or a partner.

Common bathroom, kitchen, ocean view terrace and a garden.

What is included

(in residential pricing)

  • Workshops
  • Sweat Lodge
  • Kambo
  • Accommodation
  • Vegan and vegetarian meals (organic, local food)
  • Guided trekking tours (to the waterfall and mountains with stunning views)

What is not included:

  • Flight to Azores
  • Transportation from the airport and back to our village
  • Transportation and entrance to hot springs
  • Childcare (5 Euros an hour)
  • Individual or couple consultations with psychologist (50 Euros per hour)
  • Individual healing massage therapy (60 Euros per hour)

Parents with children are welcomed!

We will have a babysitter, so there is a great option for parents who would like to have some relaxing time on their own, go trekking without a child, meditate in peace.

Registration form


Travel information

You will travel to Ponta Delgada (little city on the Sao Miguel island).
You might have direct flight form your country or you will have to book a flight to Lisbon and then from Lisbon to Ponta Delgada.
Airlines flying from Lisbon:
From US you have direct flight by:
From Ponta Delgada (airport) to our retreat center you can take a taxi (about 50 Euros, 1,5 h drive) or a bus (5 Euros, 2,5 hours) from the center of the city. More precise direction will be given in email.
WE BEGIN our program at the evening with a welcome circle followed by dinner and beautiful henna adornments.
WE COMPLETE our retreat program at 10am to allow ample time for travel to the airport & international check-in.
Please note:
Participation in Sweat Lodge ceremonies is at your own risk. It is not suitable for people with cardiovascular disease. At least 4 days, before the ceremony consumption of alcohol and intoxicants is prohibited. Women in their moon time can participate only conditionally.
What to bring with you:
Light rain coat, trekking shoes, swimming suit, beach towel.